Multifunctional and convenient

You can customize your sMS completely according to your personal needs – thanks to the flexible holder straps. For example, you can use one of the two coin holders as a secret compartment for flat objects ... the sky's the limit! But no matter what, your sMS can carry: appr. 6 credit cards + 10 bills + about a dozen coins simultaneously. Even 10 credit cards are no problem, you simply dispense with anything in the other compartment. Flexibility is trump.

Integrated theft protection

If you lose or forget where you left your sMS: An alarm will sound if it's going to get out of visual range .. and your smart phone indicates by GPS where exactly the safe is/was at this moment.  

Should the thief try to open the sMS while running away, he will be prevented by an intelligent locking device.

A "crowd function" – being combined with GOOGLE MAPS – can even locate the smartMiniSafe 2.0 (sMS+GPS) at any worldwide location and automatically report it to the owner if there are nearby carriers of the integrated software chip (called NUT ware).

New functions for a new era

  • Immediately notifies in case of theft
  • Indicates location where smartMiniSafe and smart phone got out of range
  • Is able to control up to 20 smartMiniSafes, or optional objects by ONE smart phone only
  • Protects against credit card data theft (RFID fraud)
  • Elegant and attractive


smartMiniSafe sMS

The smartMiniSafe sMS

Our global innovation – the answer to yesterday's wallet and it has a spot for everything ...

sMS smartMiniSafe

Identification, driver's license, cash, credit cards and even coins.

Additional theft protection for your smartphone and iPad

smartMiniSafe protects smartphone and iPad

Your smartphone or iPad is digitally connected with the sMS alarm chip using Bluetooth technology. If the distance between your phone and sMS becomes too large, BOTH will sound the alarm! So you won’t just protect your smartMiniSafe, you’ll also protect your mobile phone or iPad.

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