smartMiniSafe sMS

Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 30 mm, weight appr. 200g
Material: High-gloss polished aluminum, anodized, colored surface


High Tech – Made in Germany

The smartMiniSafe is a product that uniquely combines

  • Precision engineering
  • Advanced electronics
  • Elegant design

It represents a virtually worldwide patent design, since no one can reproduce this technology at the required level of quality and precision.

You will receive your smartMiniSafe sMS in its standard configuration with:

  • Practical holders for cash, credit cards, identification, etc.
  • Magnetic catch plus mechanic locking
  • Integrated alarm chip + GPS location function, also mobile for use on other objects you wish to protect
  • Power supply: by standard 3V button battery with 6 months durability, supplied with the sMS and easy to replace
  • Practical holders for cash, credit cards, identification, etc.


smartMiniSafe sMS

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2 year warranty for all mechanical and electronic components.
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smartMiniSafe sMS with alarm chip and complete with all described accessories

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