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Didier L. from J.
"Thanks a lot for your email. Excellent value for money. What a pity that there is not yet GPS involved and two alarm chips can be connected with my iPhone.
Perhaps one day this will be possible. Have a nice day."

Editorial staff's remark: EXACTLY this has now been materialized with the sMS 2.0: sMS + GPS ... and connection to up to 20 objects with ONE smart phone only!!

"Thank you very much indeed it's a great thing. I am hooked."



Customers' Feedback

Roland K. from D.
"What a nice piece. It's my own since one year now and it still cheers me up when people ask me to demonstrate the sMS, i.e. to "steal" the mini safe. At once the fat is in the fire ... and rapt attention is for sure. If one day payments will be made by smart phone  this piece will be the more important, because if somebody snitches my mobile the mini safe sounds the alarm as well. A must have!

Andrea H. from R.
"No we did not have to pay for customs duty. My boss has tested the product and found no problems at all".

Dirk K. from S.
"After the reset of the electronic part  -as described-  there was a perfect connection with my iPhone. All good and thanks for the prompt service".

Sigrun S. from M.
"Thanks for your support. With my age of 70 I am certainly a late entrant into computer technology as I got a perfect Mac User as husband. However, even with my iPad the miniSafe works perfectly".

Lothar W. from S.
"It works brilliant! After a few trials to connect via bluetooth everything was perfect. This is how it should be: at the end it's 100% pleasure".


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