Das Beste aus zwei Kontinenten


The Best from Two Continents

When German know-how meets Australian relaxed nature, it produces a product that is both reliable and cool. No worries, mate!

It happened, as it so often happens in real life: after eating at a McDonald's, the packaging and extra food was thrown away in a trash receptacle, but so was the black wallet. It was realized too late – the money was gone, the passport was gone, the driver's license was gone ... annoyance, anger, frustration. A friend sympathized with me about his experience: leather wallet in his pants pocket, he went to an Elton John concert, and when he returned home, it was gone! Can it get any worse? Went to the stadium, came home, and everything appeared to be in order. The next day, the maximum amount was withdrawn from an ATM using my card number, because a so-called credit card sniffer had stolen my card data using an electronic reader and created a copy.

The idea for sMS came from these sorts of experiences ... not just to prevent loss and theft, but to create a truly smart lifestyle product, the smartMiniSafe:

  • The aluminum case protects its contents much better than a leather wallet, keeping your credit cards safe from bending and breaking.
  • Forgotten, lost, stolen – no more!
  • One-of-a-kind product worldwide that uses an aluminum case to protect your credit card data from theft  (RFID fraud) and still enable an alarm system which combines your cell phone and smartMiniSafe.
  • The attractive case is the highest level of Life Style – made from a single piece!

Simple or simply genius? Seeing is believing!


smartMiniSafe sMS

About Us

The Idea

The two inventors of the smartMiniSafe – Andreas and Bernd Siebler – have been active in packaging since the 70s: Experience and the effort to permanently develop a product is not only a personal link for both since a long time (father and son), but also over the continents. Learn more about SIEBLER at www.siebler-pack.de.


The Manufacturer

smartMiniSafe sMS The matchless mechanical production of the smart­MiniSafe sMS core takes place in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the heartland of German precision and innovation. International companies like DAIMLER, SAP and BOSCH also produce their products here. The electronic peripherals are top products developed in Switzer­land. Management and technical responsibility rest in the hands of the inventor in Australia and Andreas Siebler, European partner with company offices in Germany. Global in the best sense of the word!


Business Partners

We select our business partners according to a very strict criteria of:

smartMiniSafe sMS

  • Reliability
  • Long-term support
  • Modern organization



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